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Create or modify email digest intervals

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Create or modify email digest intervals

Admins can create or modify the email digest intervals (length of time) during which activity for a selected notification is accumulated in an email digest. Users select a digest interval when they enable an email digest in their notification preferences.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Before adding an email digest interval, review the base system digest intervals in the Digest Intervals [sys_email_digest_interval] table. You can modify intervals, including the base system intervals, which are daily (24 hours), hourly, every four hours, and weekly (seven days).


  1. Navigate to System Notification > Email > Digest Intervals.
    Action Description
    To add an interval Click New.
    To modify an interval Select the interval to be changed.
  2. Enter the new or changed interval information:
    Field Description
    Name Interval name that describes the interval length of time, for example: Every 2 hours.
    Interval Length of the interval, either number of Days or Hours (hours, minutes, and seconds). The minimum time length allowed is one hour, and the maximum time length allowed is seven days (one week).
  3. If you created an interval, click Submit. Or, if you changed an interval, click Update.
    The system updates the Digest Intervals [sys_email_digest_interval] table with the new or modified interval. The digest interval is listed as an option in the notification preferences (Notifications tab in the System Settings window) when a user enables a digest for the notification. For example:
    Example notification settings for a notification with the email digest enabled
  4. To delete an interval, select the interval to be deleted in the Digest Intervals [sys_email_digest_interval] table and click Delete.
    Note: If the interval is in use, the system does not remove the interval.

What to do next

Determine the email notifications that can be delivered in a digest and configure the email digest content for those notifications.