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User notification preferences in UI16

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User notification preferences in UI16

You can set your own notification preferences, including personal subscriptions and channels (devices) for receiving them. All users can set these preferences through the Notifications tab of the System Settings window.

With the Notifications tab, you can:

  • Use a global switch to enable or disable all your notifications.
  • Enable or disable a particular channel for receiving notifications, as well as create, edit, or delete channels.
  • Control the notifications that you receive and apply conditions to restrict notification delivery.
  • Create personal notifications, which are subscriptions to notifications that are important to you.

Comparison between notification preferences in UI16 and earlier interfaces

In new and upgraded instances that use the UI16 interface, the System Settings window is the central location for managing your notification preferences. The Notification Preference User Interface plugin (com.glide.notification.preference.ui) is activated by default.

Figure 1. Notification preferences in UI16
Examples of notification preferences in UI16 (System Settings window) and UI15 and earlier interfaces
In UI15 and earlier interfaces:
  • Users set notification preferences through the Notification Preferences link in the User form (Self service > My Notification Preferences).
  • Admins created user devices and set notification preferences for users through the Notification Preferences link in the User form, accessed through the User Administration module (User Administration > Users).
    Note: Admins can revert to the UI15 notification preferences interface by setting the glide.notification.preference.UI.enabled property to false.

Manage your notification preferences in UI16

To access your notification preferences, click the gear icon (gear icon) in the banner frame, and in the System Settings window, click the Notifications tab. You can also access the System Settings by navigating to Self Service > My Notification Preferences .

Figure 2. Notifications tab in System Settings window
Notification settings in the System Settings window
In the Notifications tab, use the following settings to manage your notifications:
Setting Description
Allow notifications Global switch for enabling or disabling all notifications.
Notification channels List of your channels for receiving notifications. Use this section to:
  • Enable or disable a channel by using its toggle switch. If you disable a channel, notifications are not delivered through that channel.
  • Add channels using the Create Channel option.
  • Modify channel information. Click the channel row or the right arrow (>) next to the appropriate channel to edit or delete it.
Notifications by category List of notification categories that identify and group related notifications. Each category contains the notifications that you can subscribe to.

To view the notifications in a given category, click the category row or the right arrow (>) next to the appropriate category. You can: