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Password Reset setup guide

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Password Reset setup guide

A simple version of the Password Reset application is active by default. You can install a plugin to extend functionality.


Role required: admin

Note: The Password Reset application is not available during upgrade.

What is installed

  • Password Reset is active by default and includes example verifications. The base system enables connections only to the Local ServiceNow Instance credential store type. For details, see Credential stores for Password Reset.
  • To enable connections to Active Directory (AD) and Remote (SOAP) ServiceNow Instance credential store types, you must activate the Password Reset - Orchestration Add-on plugin. The plugin also activates the Password Reset Windows Application (com.glideapp.password_reset_desktop). No other components are installed. Orchestration is available as a separate subscription. See Activate the Password Reset - Orchestration Add-on plugin.

Next steps

Plan and configure the Password Reset processes for your organization. See the Password Reset admin guide.