List v3 compatibility

Certain conditions prevent lists from displaying in List v3.

A list loads in List v2 under the following circumstances.
  • List v3 is disabled globally. Disabling List v3 globally overrides all other conditions. By default, List v3 is enabled globally when the List v3 plugin is activated.
  • The list is a related list and List v3 has not been enabled for related lists. By default, List v3 is disabled for related lists.
  • The associated list control has any of the following fields set to true:
    • Disable list v3 (by default, this field is set to false for most tables)
    • Hierarchical lists
    • List edit insert row
  • All the associated client-side list UI actions that are active have the List v3 Compatible field set to false. Client-side list UI actions have the Client and List action fields set to true.
Note: Embedded lists and list reports are not supported in List v3 and always display in List v2.