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Create a flow

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Create a flow

Automate a process to run one or more actions when a trigger condition occurs.

Before you begin

About this task

Flow designers should know the application table structure and be aware of any existing business logic associated with the target tables of a flow. Be sure to disable any conflicting business rules or workflows before creating a flow.

Creating a custom application to contain your Flow Designer content allows you to deploy it using the application repository or the ServiceNow Store.


  1. Navigate to Flow Designer > Designer.
  2. Click + New > New Flow.
    The Flow properties dialog displays.
  3. Fill in the following properties:
    App Scope Select the application scope to create your flow in. Global is the default.
    Flow Name Create a name for your flow.
    Description Add a description of your flow.
    The system displays the flow designer page.
  4. Add a trigger.
    1. Click Click to add a trigger.
      The system displays the trigger choice list.
    2. Select the type of trigger.
      To create a trigger that occurs when a table record changes, choose from the Data category. To create a trigger that occurs at a specific time or interval, choose from the Schedule category.
      The system displays a set of fields depending on the type of trigger you selected.
    1. Fill in the fields to specify the trigger. For a Data trigger, for example, fill in the table and conditions.
    2. Click Done.
  5. Add actions.
    1. Click Click to add an Action or Flow Logic.
    2. Click Action.
    3. Select the action to run. Flow Designer includes a set of Actions available to flows. Alternatively, an action designer can create additional actions to add to flows. The IntegrationHub and spoke plugins install additional actions.
      The system displays a set of fields depending on the action you selected.
    4. Fill in the fields to specify the action.
    5. Click Done
    6. Repeat adding actions until you have added all the actions you want for this flow.
  6. Click Save.
    Flow Designer saves a draft of the flow, trigger, and actions.

What to do next

Test the flow until it is ready to be activated.
Note: The system only triggers active flows.