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Create an action

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Create an action

Create a reusable component to automate one or more steps of a process.

Before you begin

About this task

Action designers should know the application table structure and be aware of any existing business logic associated with the target tables of an action. Be sure to disable any conflicting business rules or workflows before creating an action.

Creating a custom application to contain your Flow Designer content enables you to deploy it using the application repository or the ServiceNow Store.


  1. Navigate to Flow Designer > Designer.
  2. Click the Actions tab and select New Action.
  3. Fill in the Action Properties and click Submit.
    Field Description
    Name Name of action.
    Accessible From Accessible from all application scoped or only within the specified application scope.
    Category Defined category within the application scope for an action.
    Protection Protects the action as Read-only or None. If an action is read-only, it cannot be changed. The default value is None.
    Description Description of the action.
    Application Application scope of the action.
    In-Flow Annotation Help text that appears under the action title in Flow Designer to help flow designers understand what the action does when used in a flow.
    An empty action opens.
  4. Define action inputs to make data available to the action steps and outputs.
    1. Select + Create Input and complete the fields.
      Field Description
      Name Name of the input. This value is used as the name of the data pill in the right-hand pane.
      Type Data type of the input. For supported data types, see Action input and output data types.
      Reference Table Reference table for the data type. Only required for the following data types:
      • Conditions
      • Document ID
      • Records
      • Reference
      • Template Value
      Inputs are represented as data pills in the right-hand pane. You can add inputs to steps and outputs in the flow by dragging and dropping data pills.
  5. Add an action step to perform an operation on the action inputs.
    1. Click the + underneath Inputs in the Action Outline.
    2. Select the step you would like to perform.
    3. Complete the fields in the step.
  6. Add action outputs to make data available to a flow.
    1. Select + Create Outputs and complete the fields.
      Field Description
      Name Name of the output. This value is the name of the data pill in the right-hand pane when the action is added to a flow.
      Value Data used previously in the action either in a step or input. Adding a variable to the output makes the value available to the flow.
  7. Click Save.
    Action Designer saves a draft of the action.

What to do next

Test the action by adding it to a flow that has Show draft actions set to true. To add the action to a published flow, or a flow that has Show draft actions set to false, you must first click Publish.
Note: By default, the system only runs published actions.