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Look Up Record action

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Look Up Record action

Look up a record from any table based on defined conditions.

Roles and availability

  • Available as a Flow Designer core action. Process analysts use the flow_designer role to add an action to a flow and define configuration details.


Field Description
Table Select a table from the list.

Conditions to be met by the returned record.

When building a condition that looks up the value of a reference field, use a data pill that explicitly provides the Sys ID value. Ensure the condition has the format [reference field][is][Reference type data pill->Sys ID]. For example, both the Change and Incident tables contain a reference field to the User table. To look up change records where the requester is the caller from an incident record, create the condition [Requested by][is][Trigger->incident record->Caller->Sys ID].

If multiple records are found Determines what is returned if more than one record matches the defined conditions.
  • Return only the first record
  • Fail the step