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Create Task action

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Create Task action

Create a task on any ServiceNow task table. After you choose the task table, you can dynamically select the fields to configure the action. Defining the Parent field associates the task to a parent record.

Roles and availability

  • Available as a Flow Designer core action. Process analysts use the flow_designer role to add an action to a flow and define configuration details.


Field Description
Table Select a task table.
  • Catalog Task [sc_task]
  • Change Phase [change_phase]
  • Change Request [change_request]
  • Chat Queue Entry [chat_queue_entry]
  • Feature Task [release_task]
  • Follow On Task [cert_follow_on_task]
  • Group approval [sysapproval_group]
  • Guided Setup Task [gsw_task]
  • IMAC [change_request_imac]
  • Incident [incident]
  • Incident Task [incident_task]
  • KB Submission [kb_submission]
  • Orphan CI Remediation [orphan_ci_remeditation]
  • Private Task [vtb_task]
  • Problem [problem]
  • Problem Task [problem_task]
  • Reclassification Task [reclassification_task]
  • Recommended Field Remediation [recommended_field_remediation]
  • Reconcile Duplicate Task [reconcile_duplicate_task]
  • Release Phase [release_phase]
  • Renew Lease Task [statemgmt_renew_lease_task]
  • Request [sc_request]
  • Request new Knowledge Base
  • [kb_knowledge_base_request]
  • Requested Item [sc_req_item]
  • Required Field Remediation [required_field_remediation]
  • Security Case [sn_ti_case]
  • Security Incident [sn_si_incident]
  • Security Incident Response Task [sn_si_task]
  • Security Request [sn_si_scan_request]
  • Service Order [sm_order]
  • Service Order Task [sm_task]
  • Service Task [service_task]
  • Stale CI Remediation [stale_ci_remediation]
  • Standard Change Proposal [std_change_proposal]
  • Ticket [ticket]
Field Values

Set the values of fields in the task to be created. For example, to set the short description to a certain value, select Short description and set the desired value. To associate the task with a parent record, define the Parent field.


Waits to complete the action until the task completes and is no longer active (active=false).

Alternatively, you can add a wait condition by dragging-and-dropping a true/false field from the data panel into the Wait field. The flow only waits for the task to complete when the condition field is true.