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Action Designer

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Action Designer

Automate a task with a sequence of related steps such as lookup a record, create a record, and log details about the record creation. Actions separate complexity from the Flow Designer environment, enabling flow designers to add actions to multiple flows with minimal configuration.

Using Action Designer, subject matter experts can:
  • Create application-specific actions with pre-set configuration details, enabling process analysts to easily add actions to a flow with little configuration.
  • Create scripted actions that appear code-less when added to a flow.
  • Build integrations using IntegrationHub.

Custom actions

Unlike core actions where flow designers must manually configure flow logic, custom actions always use the same configuration when added to a flow. If your flow designers often use an action with the same configuration, you might create a reusable action.

A reusable action includes these components.

Inputs are data variables used in your action. For example, if an action step creates a record in the incident table, your input might be a reference to the incident table. Once added as an input, the table and its fields are available to steps and outputs in the flow.

Each input you define for an action becomes a configuration option in the Flow Designer interface. To use the action in a flow, flow designers must define a value for each mandatory input. The more inputs an action has, the more data flow designers must define and the more familiar they must be with the underlying data model to use the action effectively.

Action steps
An action step or step is a single reusable operation within an action. For example, the Create Record step allows action designers to specify the table and field values to use during record creation. Action steps require subject matter expertise with application tables, fields, and business logic. Application developers or IT generalists add action steps to actions from the Action Designer design environment. Flow Designer provides a set of core action steps to automate Now Platform processes. You can add application-specific action steps by activating the associated spoke.
Outputs are data variables that represent the results of the action. These results are available to other actions in a flow.

Action Designer environment

Subject matter experts build custom actions in Action Designer.

Create and edit actions by defining inputs and adding action steps. Copy actions to use existing actions as templates. Publish actions to activate them, which makes them available to activated flows and to preserve their current action steps, variables, and sequence as a snapshot separate from further configuration changes.


To create custom actions, a user must have the action_designer or admin roles.