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Create an encryption key stored in a file

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Create an encryption key stored in a file

You can use a simple text file as a keystore. Each file holds a single encryption key.

About this task

This step creates both the key storage and the encryption key.
Note: The name of the key file must match the key alias specified in the encryption keys table in the instance. See Configure encryption keys on the instance.


  1. Create a file in the /keys folder of the proxy server installation directory.
  2. Add the encryption key to the file.
    AES 128 Place the encryption key, exactly 16 bytes, into the file.
    AES 256 Place the encryption key, exactly 32 bytes, into the file.
  3. Update the file.
    1. Change to the <installation directory>/conf/ directory.
    2. Open the file.
    3. Enter the properties for the file store.
    4. Save and close the file.