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Configure the signature key

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Configure the signature key

Configure the signature key after installing the proxy server through the Edge Encryption proxy installer.

About this task

The signature key signs changes to configurations and properties made by the proxy server. The signature key must be an asymmetric RSA key pair in a JCEKS KeyStore.
Note: If installing multiple proxies, each proxy must use the same signature key.


  1. On the Signature Key page of the Edge Encryption installer, select the keystore on the host machine to store the signature key.
    • Create New Java KeyStore: Enter the directory location, name, and password for the new keystore.
    • Use Existing Keystore: Enter the keystore file location and password.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Select or create a signature key.
    • New Key: Create a signature key for this proxy.
    • Use Existing Key: Use an RSA key-pair from the selected keystore.
    • Import Existing Key: Import an RSA key-pair from a different keystore. Browse to the keystore file, enter the password for the keystore, and select the key alias. Provide a new alias for the key.
  4. Click Next.