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Installed with Edge Encryption

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Installed with Edge Encryption

Edge Encryption installs tables to store encryption-related data, system properties to configure default behavior, and the edge_encryption role to administer Edge Encryption.


Edge Encryption adds the following tables.
Table 1. Tables for Edge Encryption
Table Description
Edge Encryption Configuration


Contains encrypted fields and tables for which attachments are encrypted.
Edge Encryption Rule


Contains a record for each rule. A rule has a name, the condition when it is used, a script, and an order field.
Edge Encryption Invalid Insert Log


Contains log messages created for attempts to save unencrypted data to an encrypted field.
Edge Encryption Proxy


Contains information about the encryption proxy application.
Edge Proxy Encryption Type


Used for enabling and disabling encryption types on the encryption form.
Encryption Job Execution


Supports mass encryption jobs.
Encryption Job Execution Chunk


Supports mass encryption jobs.
Scheduled Encryption Job


Lists scheduled jobs for encryption, decryption, key rotation, order token repair, and database recovery.
Encryption Key Configuration


Lists default encryption keys.
Encryption Key


Lists available keys and key attributes.
Proxy Encryption Key


Lists proxy encryption keys.


Edge Encryption adds the following properties.
Note: To open the System Properties [sys_properties] table, enter sys_properties.list in the navigation filter.
Table 2. Properties for Edge Encryption
Property Description
glide.edge.pattern.disallowed.chars A list of characters that are not allowed in patterns.
  • Type: a string of a comma-separated list of values
  • Location: System Properties [sys_properties] table
glide.edge.pattern.min.size The minimum pattern size allowed. Allowing smaller patterns means finding more matches, which increases overhead.
  • Type: number
  • Default value: 5
  • Location: System Properties [sys_properties] table
sn_edge_encryption.logging.destination Where messages are logged.
  • Type: string
  • Default value: file
  • Location: System Properties [sys_properties] table
sn_edge_encryption.logging.verbosity The logging level to use.
  • Type: string
  • Default value: info
  • Location: System Properties [sys_properties] table
sn_edge_encryption.encryption.proxy.buildtag The proxy version registered with your instance.
  • Type: string
  • Location: System Properties [sys_properties] table
sn_edge_encryption.cleartext.allowed When true, allows clear text to be saved in an encrypted field. This happens when a user is accessing the instance without going through the Edge Encryption proxy. When false, the system prevents clear text from being saved in an encrypted field.
  • Type: Boolean
  • Default value: false
  • Location: System Properties [sys_properties] table
Table 3. Roles installed with Edge Encryption
Role title Description Contains roles
edge_encryption Edge Encryption proxies log into the instance as a user, with a user name and password. The user must have this role assigned. None