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Configure menu items

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Configure menu items

Menu items are the links that appear within each menu section.

Before you begin

Role required: content_admin or admin

About this task

Not all navigation menu sections require menu items. Use menu items to link users to other pages or additional information. These steps use the ESS sample portal site as an example.


  1. Navigate to Content Management > Blocks > Navigation Menus and select a navigation menu.
    For example, select the Documentation Menu.
  2. From the Menu Sections related list, select a menu section.
    For example, select Getting Started.
  3. From the Menu Items related list, click New.
  4. Complete the form.
    Table 1. Menu Item form
    Field Description
    Name Type a unique name for the menu item.
    Menu section Select the menu section in which this item appears.
    Redirect to Select what appears when the menu item name and icon are clicked.
    URL Click the lock icon to open the edit field, then enter the URL to open when the menu item title and icon are clicked. This field is available only if Redirect to is set to The specified URL.
    Detail page Select the content page to open when the name or icon is clicked. This field is available only if Redirect To is set to A content page.
    Image Select an icon to appear with the name.
    Active Select this check box to make the menu item available for use.
    Order Enter a number to indicate where this item appears on the menu relative to other menu items.
    Logged on Select this check box to display the menu item only if the user is logged on.
    Roles Click the lock to open a list, then select the roles that can access this menu item to restrict access by role.
    Category Select the category in which the menu item belongs.
    Open in Select the behavior of clicked links.
    iFrame Type the name of the iFrame where the link opens when a user clicks the menu item name and icon. Make sure that there is an iFrame on the page. This field is available only if Open In is set to Named iFrame.
  5. Click Submit.