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Control what happens on a click

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Control what happens on a click

Since a CMS system uses multiple pages you have to tell the system which page to use to display drill through content.

In the normal (non CMS) system, when you click a bar in a bar chart or a wedge on a pie chart, you drill through and your current screen is replaced with a list of records meeting the chart's criteria. For example, if you have a gauge of Incidents by Category and you click the bar labeled Hardware you drill through to a list of all incidents with a category=hardware.

Within the CMS system, there is a similar drill through mechanism at work, but you must manually specify which page to display.

There are two different models of the drill through, use an in-place target frame to receive the content, or use another page to display the content.

Using an In-Place Target

An in-place target is a named iframe on the same CMS page as the gauge. When the gauge is clicked, the drill-through content appears within that iframe rather than changing out the CMS page. The gauge (and the rest of the page other than the target) remain in place and active.

Using a Gauge Target Page

A gauge target page is a separate CMS page that is used to display the drill-through content from a gauge. When a gauge is clicked, the current CMS page is replaced with the gauge target page and the drill-through content is rendered within that second page.

  • Gauge Target Page

    To set a site default, select Gauge Target Page, on the site configuration page. This page is used as the drill-through target for any gauges in the system that do not have a more specific gauge page specified in their content type.

  • Gauge Page
    To set a content-type specific page, you can specify a Gauge Page, on a content type page. Any gauges for this type of content then use that page for any drill through.
    Note: The gauge target on a particular content type overrides the default, site level, gauge target.
  • Gauge Target block

    A gauge target page is a normal CMS page, with one special requirement. Somewhere on that page, there must be a Gauge Target block. This market block tells the system where to output the drill through data.