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The view_content html page template on which all CMS is based defaults to doctype=html.

The code looks like the following HTML source code.
If your CMS site does not render properly, remove the doctype from the page by setting the following property:
  • glide.html.doctype.pages = chat_desktop,live_feed,live_feed_small,navigator,navpage11,image_browse
The following is the default for this property.
  • glide.html.doctype.pages = chat_desktop,live_feed,live_feed_small,navigator,navpage11,image_browse,view_content
Setting this doctype offers these benefits for building new sites:
  • Incorporating common practice: Use a practice that is becoming widely adopted across the Internet and can prevent certain browsers from running in quirks mode.
  • Cleaner CSS and markup: Write more standards-based CSS and markup to promote code sharing.
  • A step towards browser compatibility: Find solutions that work across browsers and avoid browser-specific workarounds.

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