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Example menu items and content links

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Example menu items and content links

The method for choosing a link target (current window, iFrame, or new window) and referencing the item linked (page, attachment, or URL) are similar. Review examples of how to link within these elements.

Menu items can be seen as featured links from each section. There are many choices in URL definitions and link options. Links within the ESS Portal open content pages within the site. In turn, each page has an iFrame or set of blocks that houses the corresponding data. This method is useful for rapid prototyping, but consider where to create dynamic detail pages and use the available linking options.

Menu items are similar to content links except they are called by the list block, not as part of a navigation menu block. Menu items and content links function the same as far as how they are defined and the options available for linking to items. Content links are meant to be called through a list block that calls the Content Link [content_link] table. Content links do not have the Logged in field or the Roles option used to control the UI experience for various roles.