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Building and running automated test suites

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Building and running automated test suites

Create and run batches of tests with automated test suites.

You can group tests together in test suites. This enables you to run a group of related tests as one job.

Test suites can contain other tests suites as well as individual tests. In these cases, the upper-level test suite is called the parent and the test suite contained within the parent is called the child. A test suite that is a child of one test suite can also act as a parent to another test suite. You can nest test suites to build a multi-level hierarchy.

The figure below illustrates some important properties of hierarchical test suites. In this figure, Test Suite 1 is at the top-most level. All other tests and test suites are descendents of Test Suite 1. Individual tests are colored purple and test suites are colored light red. In this figure you can see several important features:
  • Test suites can have children, individual tests cannot
  • A test suite can be both a child and a parent. For example, Test Suite 1.3 is a child of Test Suite 1 and a parent of Test Suite 1.3.1 and Test Suite 1.3.2
  • Test suites can have both individual tests and test suites as children.
  • You can nest test suites to build a multi-level hierarchy.
Figure 1. Example of Test Suite Hierarchy
Diagram of example test suite hierarchy