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Distribute a quiz

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Distribute a quiz

When you finish configuring the answers for the quiz questions, you are ready to distribute the quiz.

About this task

You can send the quiz to all the category users configured for the quiz or to a single category user.


  1. Navigate to Quiz Management > Quizzes.
  2. Open the quiz record, and click Publish. The quiz is placed in the Published state, and it is sent to all its category users. You can edit and resend published quizzes. See Modifying Published Quizzes to learn how various modifications affect the quiz contents.
  3. To resend a quiz, click the appropriate button:
    • Assign Quiz: Send the quiz to one category user.
    • Send Quizzes: Send the quiz to all of its category users.
    Note: These buttons are hidden if there are no category users defined for the the quiz.