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Change the order of an answer

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Change the order of an answer

By default, the order of answer options is established when a question is created with a data type of Choice or Likert Scale.

Before you begin

Role required: assessment_admin or admin

About this task

The system creates an Order value for each choice based on where it appears in the original list when you submit it. This order corresponds to the Value setting you give the answer. The choice with the lowest order number appears first, and the choice with the highest order number appears last. If you want to reconfigure the order of the answer options, you must do so by editing the Order field and not the Value field.

The Order column is hidden in the base system.


To edit these records, configure the Assessment Metric Definitions related list in the question record to show the Order column, and then edit the order number in the list. The Value setting remain the same for each answer option after reorganization.
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