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Assessment scorecard averages

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Assessment scorecard averages

The Averages view compares the current ratings for an assessable record in each metric category with the average, minimum, and maximum values from all assessable records in the filter. All ratings are from assessments generated over the trailing twelve months (TTM).

Select a filter option to compare the current record against all assessable records in that filter. An assessment administrator configures these options in the Filter field field in the Assessment Metric Type form.

Rating variances are highlighted as follows:
  • Red: Ratings are below average in this category. The Diff value displays a negative number.
  • Green: Ratings are above average in this category. The Diff value displays a positive number.
  • White: Ratings are average in this category. The Diff value is 0.0.
In the following example, the ratings of the current group are compared against other groups for which Don Goodliffe is the manager.
Figure 1. Group scorecard with ratings filter