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Assessment instances

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Assessment instances

An assessment instance represents one occurrence of a questionnaire assigned to one user.

The system generates assessment instances only when the required conditions are met, as described in Scheduled assessments and On-demand assessments, and there are non-scripted metrics in at least one category.

When the system generates scheduled assessments for a metric type, each assessment instance contains questions about assessable records and categories related to the stakeholder to which it is assigned.


Recall that there can be multiple stakeholder records associated with one user record. Minh Leclare is a stakeholder for these items related to the Vendor metric type:

Table 1. Assessable records
Assessable record Category
Amazon User Satisfaction
Acme User Satisfaction
Acme Reliability
Cisco Reliability

When the system generates a scheduled assessment, Minh is assigned one assessment instance. Minh must evaluate Amazon, Acme, and Cisco by answering questions from the categories for which she is a stakeholder. Assuming that there are three questions in the User Satisfaction category and six questions in Reliability, Minh's questionnaire contains three questions about Amazon, nine questions about Acme, and six questions about Cisco.

When the system generates an on-demand assessment for a specific assessable record, the assessment instance contains questions about that assessable record and all its associated categories. When the system generates an on-demand assessment for a metric type, the assessment instance contains questions about all that metric type's assessable records and their associated categories.