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Activate solution version

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Activate solution version

Activate the solution version you want Agent Intelligence to use to make predictions. The system only allows one solution version to be active at a time.

Before you begin

  • Role required: admin or ml_admin
  • Manually train a solution multiple times or set a training schedule.

About this task

The system creates a solution version each time you train a solution definition. Typically, you only manually create a new solution version when you change the solution definition filter and want to test it. Otherwise, most solution versions are created during scheduled solution training.


  1. Navigate to Agent Intelligence > Solutions.
    The system displays a list of trained solutions.
  2. Select the solution version you wan to activate.
    The system displays the solution record.
  3. Click Active.
    The system activates this solution version and deactivates any other solution version.

What to do next

Review the trained solution precision and coverage statistics.