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Run a scheduled job to execute a maintenance schedule

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Run a scheduled job to execute a maintenance schedule

Maintenance schedules are executed whenever the meter, duration, script, or condition criteria is met. You can also use the Schedule ad-hoc feature to run a maintenance schedule manually.

Before you begin

Role required: SM admin

About this task

Maintenance schedules are run regularly using the Planned Maintenance Nightly Run scheduled job. When the scheduled job is run, the appropriate Service Orders are created for all records that meet the schedule criteria (including all records for the current day).

To configure the nightly planned maintenance scheduled job:


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Scheduled Jobs.
  2. Open Planned Maintenance Nightly Run.
  3. To specify a different schedule for running the job, change the Run and Time fields.
  4. Click Update.
  5. At any time, to run the scheduled job, click Execute Now. The scheduled job evaluates all previously defined schedules and executes the ones that are scheduled to run.
    Note: If one or more records in the table associated with the maintenance plan are deleted after the matching records were associated with the maintenance plan, the next nightly run removes all the records associated with those removed assets.