Facilities request tasks

A facilities request contains one or more tasks. These tasks allow qualifiers to define separate activities that must be done to complete a facilities request.

Administrators can create multiple tasks under a single request. Splitting a request into separate tasks, when necessary, enables qualifiers to:
  • Assign different aspects of a request to different staff members.
  • Assign tasks to staff members with different skill sets.
  • Assign tasks to staff members in different locations.
  • Schedule parts of the work at different times.
  • Schedule tasks so they are done one after another.
  • Schedule tasks so they are done at the same time by different staff members.
  • Schedule more tasks, if necessary, to complete the request.
Users with these roles can edit schedule times, including windows and planned durations. The Estimated end time is calculated from the expected start time and the work duration and is read-only.
  • <sm application>_qualifier: Tasks in the Draft state.
  • <sm application>_dispatcher: Tasks in the Pending Dispatch state.
  • <sm application>_admin: Tasks in Draft or Pending Dispatch state.