Generate an SM application with default settings

Generating an SM application with the default settings is a very simple process.

  1. Navigate to System Applications > Applications.
  2. In the Develop tab, click New.
    Getting started
  3. Next to Start from a template, click Create.
    Create an Application from a Template
  4. Enter a unique Application name for this application. The application name can be a maximum of 20 characters. Only letters, digits, spaces, and underscores (_) are valid.
    If you enter the name of an existing application, you will be asked to select a different name.
  5. The Application scope field defaults to an x prefix that identifies this as a custom application, an optional instance vendor prefix that identifies your company, followed by the application name. You can accept the default or change it, if needed.
    If you enter the application scope of an existing application, you will be asked to select a different name after you click Create.
  6. Click Create in the section that identifies the type of application you want to create. A confirmation box opens and displays the default configuration settings that the new application will inherit.
  7. Click OK. A confirmation box appears.
  8. Click View App. All of the files you need to run the application, including tables, roles, properties, ACLs, and navigation menus are created, and the new application appears.
    Generated Application
    Note: Click the annotation icon (Annotation icon) in the header to view on-screen descriptions of each of the fields.