Facilities move requests

Both employees and managers can request a move, which initiates the workflow of tasks to complete that move. Any user can submit a move request through the Facilities catalog. Users with the Facilities staff role can also create and update facilities requests using the move request form directly.

Facilities move management works in the following manner:
  1. A ServiceNow administrator activates and configures the Facilities Move Management application according to your organization's needs and requirements.
  2. A facilities administrator creates your organization's campus and configures the spaces and assets contained within.
  3. Users submit facilities move requests, including the name of user to be moved, the move from location, and the move to location.
  4. The move workflow creates tasks and updates the state of the move request.
  5. Facilities staff members perform the tasks necessary to fulfill the move request.
  6. The end of workflow script runs to update the user location and the location of all the asserts that were requested to be moved.