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Facilities visualization workbench configuration

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Facilities visualization workbench configuration

Space administrators configure properties on the workbench. In the application navigator, Facilities > Workbench Configuration contains the configuration settings divided into sections.

Map properties

Map properties allow some customization on the floor plan. For a full description of each property, see Space Management properties.

Parsing configuration

Map features [fm_facility_feature] define how to handle features during processing map set files and running transforms. A basic set of Map Features are pre-loaded for your use under Space Management > Map Configuration > Feature Definitions.

To create spaces for a feature type during parsing:
  • Set Create spaces to true.
  • Set the default space type to specify the class of space that is created.

Icon definition

A set of Map Icons [fm_icon] is pre-loaded for your use.
  • These icon definitions affect both parsing and runtime configuration.
  • If the geoJSON property of type "point" type is found during parsing and its name matches the Parsing name field, then an icon is added to the map.
  • Set Active to true to show the icons on the map.
  • Set Show by default to true so the icons appear on the initial map load.

Map colors

A set of Feature Colors [fm_map_color] is preloaded for your use.
  • The Color and Outline color fields support hex values, RGB values, and HTML colors.
  • The Opacity field supports decimal values from 0 to 1 to set the opacity of the feature on the map.
  • The Outline thickness field supports whole numbers to set the outline thickness of a feature on the map.

Map labels

Specify which space types have labels shown by default on the interactive map. The settings section of the map lets you change the currently selected values.
  • For each facilities space type, set show label to true for its label to be visible on the map by default.

Map tasks

Specify which Tasks to show and search on the workbench.
  • For each facilities map task, set show task to true for its pin to be visible on the map by default.
  • Showing tasks can be limited to specified roles (not specifying a role shows tasks to all who can see them based on security settings).

Map filters

Specify filters to apply to the map, coloring spaces based on conditions specified.
  • Limit showing map filters to Roles or specific users with the Owner, Public, and Roles fields.
  • Example filters are provided as a default.

Map menu items

Specify which catalog items are displayed in the pop-up menu on the workbench.
  • To view catalog items from Workbench, right-click on a space and the catalog items appear. Or, click a space and the catalog items appear under Related Links.
  • For each facility map menu item, select the Roles for which this catalog item is visible. No defined roles means that the catalog item is available to all users.
  • For each facility map menu item, select the Order in which this entry appears.
  • For each facility map menu item, select the Campuses for which this catalog item is visible. No defined campuses means that the catalog item is available on all campuses.
Note: You can show catalog items from any catalog (Facilities, IT, HR, and others).

URL parameters

Workbench supports URL parameters. URL parameters provide configuration information for a form or list.
Note: The URL parameters are listed in order of dependency. For example, syspar_drawingId requires sysparm_campusSysId in the URL parameter.
The URL parameters supported are:
URL parameters Description
sysparm_campusSysId Loads the map to a Campus [fm_campus] identified by its sys_id.
sysparm_drawingId Loads the map to a Building [alm_building] identified by its external_building_id (requires sysparm_campusSysId).
sysparm_levelId Loads the map to a Level [fm_level] identified by its external_level_id (requires sysparm_drawingId).
sysparm_spaceid Loads the map to a space [fm_space] identified by its external_space_id (requires sysparm_levelId).
sysparm_scenarioSysId Loads the map to a Scenario [enterprise_move_scenario] identified by its sys_id (requires Facilities Move Management plugin).
sysparm_zoneSysId Loads the map to a zone [fm_zone] identified by its sys_id. Multiple spaces make up a zone.
sysparm_filterSysId Applies a filter [fm_map_filter] for a loaded map. Filters highlight spaces based on conditions.
sysparm_refreshInterval Enter a whole number value to specify a rate in minutes to automatically refresh applied filters.
sysparm_labelDisplay Specify the label to appear for a map (can be changed under settings on the map).
sysparm_move Loads a move query for a map.
sysparm_tab Specify the number of the tab to default to on the map.
sysparm_fromWidget Triggers event "space.clicked" on a space click, which returns {'sys_id': SPACESYSID, 'displayName': SPACEDISPLAYNAME}, or hiding space which returns {'sys_id':", 'displayName':"};