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Complete a coaching assessment

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Complete a coaching assessment

Assessments are task-based records assigned to a coaching group. The record allows coaches to give feedback to coachees.

About this task

The Quality of data field offers a simple scoring system of the coachee's performance. A coachee can view any field on the assessment form. A coachee cannot edit any field on the assessment for but can add additional Work notes by selecting Review Assessments.

When an assessment is created, all users in the Coaching group, User peer reviewers, and Group peer reviewers receive a CL Assessment insertion notification.

To complete a coaching assessment:


  1. Navigate to Coaching Loops > Assessments.
  2. Click to open an assessment record.
    Figure 1. Assessment Record form
  3. Review the information displayed on the form to understand the action being assessed.
  4. Populate the fields as appropriate to review the performance of the coachee. The coach can enter additional Work notes over time as the coach and the coachee engage in further dialogue.
    Table 1. Coaching Assessment form
    Field Description
    Assigned to Select the user performing the assessment (coach). The coach selects enters their own name in this field before performing the assessment. An administrator can assign a coach from the coaching group if appropriate for your environment.
    Select the current stage of the assessment.
    • New Assessment is yet to be completed.
    • Under Review The coach and coachee are continuing to discuss performance.
    • Closed Complete The assessment has been completed successfully.
    • Closed Incomplete The assessment has been closed but was not completed, usually because the coaching discipline's assessment duration has expired.
    Record Click the reference icon to view the record associated with the event that triggered this assessment.
    Snapshot Review the contents of this field for contextual information about the task, action, or behavior being assessed.
    Quality of data Select a value of the performance of the coachee for reporting and trend tracking purposes.
    Followup Needed
    Indicate what further action is required, if any, to improve the performance of the coachee. Select from:
    • None
    • Additional Coaching Needed indicates that the coachee needs additional feedback from the coach.
    • Training Needed indicates that the coachee needs additional training outside the scope of the coaching assessment.
    • Lack of Due Diligence indicates a major issue with the coachee's performance.
    Short description Enter a summary of the assessment.
    Description Enter a detailed description of the assessment.
    Work notes Enter notes in this journal field about the assessment. Add additional notes as the coach and coachee engage in further dialogue.
  5. Click one of the following buttons:
    • Update Saves changes to the assessment.
    • Complete Assessment Saves and closes the assessment as completed.
    • Thank Coachee Saves and closes the record and sends an email to the coachee signifying the completion of the assessment.

    Administrators can configure the Coaching Loops: Thanked Coachee email notification.