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How assessments are created

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How assessments are created

The ServiceNow system evaluates coaching opportunities against coaching disciplines to generate coaching assessments. When coachees work through an ITSM process, such as resolving an incident, they perform activities that may be defined as coaching opportunities.

When a coaching discipline and coaching opportunity pair meets these criteria, the ServiceNow system creates an assessment record for the coachee and assigns it to the coaching group.

Several criteria must be met to generate a coaching assessment:
  • A coaching discipline and a coaching opportunity must exist for the same table.
  • A single user action, such as updating an incident or changing an incident priority, must satisfy the conditions defined on both the discipline and opportunity records.
  • The Coachee on the Opportunity record must be a member of the Coachee group on the discipline record.

Using Peer Reviewers

Defining User peer reviewers for a discipline creates additional assessment records as child records to a primary assessment. Peer reviewer assessments are created when the primary assessment is created. Defining Group peer reviewers creates an additional assessment record for each user within the peer group. These additional assessment records are automatically assigned to the peer reviewers.
Note: Peer reviewers do not automatically receive the necessary roles to view or edit coaching assessments. Ensure all peer reviewers have the necessary roles to complete an assessment.