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Identify and escalate security issues in third-party software

Identify and escalate security issues in third-party software

You can view software vulnerabilities returned from third-party entries to determine remediation. Use this information to match the vulnerable software entries to a Software Asset Management discovery model.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_vul.vulnerability_write


  1. Navigate to Vulnerability > Libraries > Third Party.
    A list of vulnerable software downloaded is shown.
  2. Click a software record to view vulnerability information.
  3. Click the following related lists to get more information for identifying vulnerabilities.
    Related listDescription
    Vulnerable Items Lists any vulnerable items, which consist of pairings of potentially vulnerable CIs and software. To get more information about a pairing, click the information icon (information icon).
    Note: If software is removed, any associated vulnerable items are closed and removed from the Vulnerable Items related list.
    Vulnerability Entries Lists vulnerability entries for the selected software record. Click a record to view its details.
    If vulnerabilities were identified and vulnerable items were created, you can Remediate vulnerable groups, as needed.