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About custom report processor scripts

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About custom report processor scripts

On the Vulnerability Integration form, the Report processor is a reference to a script include that extends the VulnerabilityReportProcessorBase script include. The functionality contained in this script is called by the VulnerabilityIntegrationController and defines the means by which the data returned by the integration script are processed.

Each subclass of VulnerabilityReportProcessorBase has access to contextual information about the calling process. That information is available through the following member variables:
  • integrationGr — a GlideRecord of the Vulnerability Integration record that requested the integration to run.
  • integrationProcessGr — GlideRecord of the Vulnerability Process that provides contextual information for the current process of an integration.

The script include must provide an implementation for the processReport() method. The object passed to processReport() is the object returned by retrieveData, and as such, is a simple object with properties for content, contentType, and extension. The actual logic in processReport() is implementation-specific and dependent of the report data provided.

Here is a screen shot of the VulnerabilityReportProcessorBase.processReport():
Figure 1. Custom report processor script
A sample custom report processor script