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View Configuration Compliance policies

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View Configuration Compliance policies

Once you have imported the results of a third-party scan into your instance, you can see your test compliance at the policy level. Use this view before an audit of that policy and any associated test records.

Before you begin

Role required:

About this task

Policies are imported records and uneditable inside Configuration Compliance.


  1. Navigate to Configuration Compliance > Policies.
  2. Click the Short description of the policy you want to view.
    Table 1. Configuration Compliance policy form fields
    Field Description
    Source System name of the third-party scanner, or the name entered in the ServiceNow plugin for the API that is used to communicate with Configuration Compliance.
    Source ID Identifier assigned to this policy by the third-party scanner.
    Short description Summary description or title assigned to the policy in the third-party scanner application.
    Description Detailed description of the policy as defined in the third-party scanner application.
    Technologies List of technologies associated with the policy in the third-party scanner application.
    Source created Date the policy was defined in the third-party scanner application.
    Source updated Date the policy was last modified in the third-policy scanner application.
    Tests List of tests that reference this policy. Imported from the third-party scanner. You can navigate the list to detailed information about a specific test, if necessary.