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View Configuration Compliance authoritative sources

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View Configuration Compliance authoritative sources

Use this module to view summary information about each authoritative source and to research the source publications that were used to create the record.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_vulc.admin


  1. Navigate to Configuration Compliance > Supporting Data > Authoritative Sources.
  2. Click the Short description of the authoritative source you want to view.
    Table 1. Configuration Compliance authoritative sources form fields
    Field Description
    Number ID number assigned to the authoritative source by your instance during the import process.
    Source System name of the third-party scanner application, or the name entered in the scanner plugin for the API that communicates with Configuration Compliance.
    Source ID Identifier assigned to the authoritative source by the third-party scanner.
    Short description Name given to this authoritative source in the third-party scanner.
    Publisher Name of the organization or publication that was the original source of information for this authoritative source.
    Citations List of cited information about the test results. Imported from the third-party scanner. You can navigate this list to detailed information about a specific test, if necessary.
  3. [Optional] Add a Publisher.
  4. Click Update.
  5. You can delete this record by clicking Delete.
    Removes the record from your instance. If it is still in use in your third-party integration, it returns in the next import