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Tables installed with Trusted Security Circles Client

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Tables installed with Trusted Security Circles Client

Trusted Security Circles adds the following tables.
Table Description
Comm State


Provides asynchronous processing capabilities with central. This is the parent table for cached central tables (sn_tis_profile, sn_tis_member, sn_tis_trusted_circle, and sn_tis_sic).
Job Queue Entry


Scheduled Jobs are queued up to run in each configured domain.


Holds the membership records for profiles in circles


Contains a record of any Observable found on both your network and on the network of a Profile of belonging to one of your Trusted Circles.


Defines the script handler for an asynchronous record operation to central.


Represents an organization that can join a Trusted Circle
Standard Industrial Classification


Contains the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes of Profiles belonging to Trusted Circles.
Share Response


A response to sharing that is sent back to the trusted security circle.
Sighting Threshold


Identifies when an observable or group of observables has sightings that exceed this threshold.


The number of times the Observable has been encountered at both yours and the profile.
Threat Share


Stores messages shared to a trusted security circle.
Threat Sharing Message Type


Type of message being shared to a trusted security circle.
Trusted Circle


Contains a list of the Profiles that are members of a Trusted Circle