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View and reprocess unmatched Security Operations emails

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View and reprocess unmatched Security Operations emails

You can review Unmatched Emails for discontinued filters or as candidates for a new filter to maintain or improve the rate at which you catch email threats.

Before you begin

Role required:


  1. Navigate to Security Operations > Unmatched Emails .
    If any unmatched emails have been found, they are listed.
  2. The fields on the form are as follows:
    Table 1. Security email events
    Field Description
    From Email address of the sender.
    To Email address of the recipients.
    Subject Subject line in the email.
    Body Contents of the body of the email.
    Matched Indicates if this email event was matched.
  3. To reprocess this email, create an email record or edit an existing email record to match the information in this email. See Create email parsers in Security Operations.
  4. Navigate back to Security Operations > Unmatched Emails .
  5. Click Reprocess Email Event to attempt to process this email. It returns you to the Unmatched Emails main list. If the new email record matches, the email event is no longer in the list. A message indicates if it was matched or not.