Properties installed with Security Support Common

Security Operations adds the following properties.
Table 1. Security Operations Properties
Property Usage
sn_sec_cmn.email_to Inbox for Security Operations tools
sn_sec_cmn.max_event_days Number of days to retain email events
sn_sec_cmn.use_on_demand_tbl_as_whitelist Determines what is selectable from the Run Orchestration choice list on various security operations tables.

When true, only workflows specified in the On Demand Orchestration [sn_sec_cmn_on_demand_orchestration] table are available from the choice list.

When false (default), all workflows for applications configured in the SecOps Application Registry are available.

Regardless of the setting, the entries in the On Demand Orchestration table are evaluated to filter workflows, based on the configured role, or use an advanced execution script.

sn_si.email_to Inbox for Security Incident Response tools.
sn_ti.email_to Inbox for Threat Intelligence tools.
sn_vul.email_to Inbox for Vulnerability Response tools.