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Create a security incident from the Security Incident Catalog

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Create a security incident from the Security Incident Catalog

Users in your company can use the Security Incident Catalog to request various types of security-related analysis.

Before you begin

Role required: none


  1. Navigate to Self-Service > Security Incident Catalog.
    Security Incident Catalog
  2. Click the catalog item for which you want to make a request.
    If the item you selected from the main catalog contains subcategories, the list is shown. In the following example, Malicious code activity was selected.
    Catalog subcategories
  3. Click the subcategory that best matches the type of request you want to make.
    The catalog entry form opens. In this example, the Worm, virus, Trojan subcategory was selected.
    Catalog request entry
  4. Enter the information for the request, and click Submit.
    The request is sent to your Security Incident department.
  5. After you have submitted the request, you can track its progress by navigating to Self-Service > My Requests, and entering the request number.