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Configure for MID Server access

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Configure for MID Server access

If the Tanium server is behind a MID Server, perform these additional configuration steps to proxy requests through the MID Server. All SOAP messages sent through a MID Server are performed asynchronously.

Before you begin

There must be a running MID Server associated with your instance.

On the Tanium Configuration form, you must select the Use MID Server check box.

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to System Web Services > Outbound > Soap Message.
  2. Locate and click Tanium Server.
  3. Click the SOAP Message Functions tab.
  4. For each of the following three functions, set the MID server field with the appropriate MID Server used to communicate with the Tanium server.
    • Get running processes - AddObject
    • GetResultData
    • GetResultInfo
  5. Click Update.