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Asset Group Pagination Import

Asset Group Pagination Import

The Qualys asset group pagination transform map is used to transform the pagination element required to process additional pages of Asset Group data. Changes to this transform alter how multiple pages of data, from the Qualys Asset Group import, are processed.

To access this transform map, navigate to Qualys Vulnerability Integration > Import Set Tables > Asset Group Pagination Import.

There are two transform scripts executed during the transformation process.

The following table shows when each script runs and what they are used for.

Table 1. Qualys asset group pagination transform map script timing and purpose
When the script is run Purpose of the script
onStart (when an import set has started transformation)

Ignores the record. This transform is used to invoke an auxiliary process, not to import or transform data directly.

For internal use. Modifying or deleting is not recommended.

onBefore (before an import set has completed transformation).

Function to invoke an Asset Group Pagination Handler to start importing the next page of Qualys data.

For internal use. Modifying or deleting is not recommended.

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