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Appliance Import

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Appliance Import

The Qualys Appliance Transform map is used to transform Qualys Appliance data into appliance records. This is used to update the appliance records that would initially be created from the Asset Group Import. Changes to this transform alter how appliance records are updated with appliance details.

To access this transform map, navigate to Qualys Vulnerability Integration > Import Set Tables > Appliance Import.

The table shows the fields currently being transformed.

Table 1. Qualys appliance transform map fields
Source Field Target field Description
u_name appliance_name The name of the Qualys scanner appliance.
u_status appliance_status The last reported status of the Qualys scanner appliance.
u_id appliance_id The Qualys appliance identifier.

In addition to field mappings, there is also a transform script that is executed during the transformation process.

The following table shows when this script runs and what it is used for.

Table 2. Qualys appliance transform map script timing and purpose
When the script is run Purpose of the script
onBefore (before an import set has completed transformation).

Used to update appliance names and statuses for the given ID.

For internal use. Modifying or deleting is not recommended.