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Essential preparations for Qualys Cloud Platform integration

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Essential preparations for Qualys Cloud Platform integration

A successful integration requires planning and careful execution of pre-integration tasks. It is essential that you prepare for the integration by performing these procedures. The Qualys Cloud Platform integration assumes that you are familiar with and run Qualys scans in your environment.

Note: Make any necessary configuration changes based on your requirements before running the integrations.

Important prerequisites

Validate your instance sizing based on the number of vulnerable items you expect to import. An undersized instance can lead to long load times. If you do not know the size of your instance, contact ServiceNow Customer Support.

Use filtering to limit the number of items for initial import and phase your deployment by adjusting filters in subsequent imports.

Actions to take

  • Determine an initial start date for Host Detection List Import integrations.

    Consider setting the Start time field to a few hours or days in the past. Ideally, choose the date of the last Qualys scan. The start date can include vulnerabilities discovered prior to using the vulnerability management solution. Set the earliest start time used to the start of your scanning cycle. So, if it takes a week before all hosts are scanned, set this value to a week prior to that time.

    Note: With default HTTP Query Parameter settings, all vulnerabilities are retrieved and a large set of data can result. Modify REST message parameters to affect data retrieval prior to initial and delta data retrievals.
  • To shorten load time for large data sets, Add Qualys host identification indexes.
  • Add users to the roles for admin, sn_vuln.admin, and sn_vul_qualys.admin. For more information see, Add a role to a userAdd a role to a user
  • There is a configured run-as user for each integration record. The default value for this user is VR.System. Do not change this value.

  • If you do not use vulnerability calculators, disable the default calculator, in addition to any others you have defined. Vulnerability calculators run every time a vulnerable item record is created or updated, and can impact initial import performance.
  • If you wish to use a different scanner than the Qualys default, see set up scanner appliances.
  • Have your Qualys server url and authentication credentials ready. The credentials must provide adequate permissions for retrieving knowledge, scan, and detection information for a Qualys subscription.