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Get started with the Microsoft Exchange On-Premises integration

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Get started with the Microsoft Exchange On-Premises integration

The Microsoft Exchange On-Premises integration provides tools for security analysts to contain and remediate phishing and spear phishing email threats in on-premises instances. Before you can use the Microsoft Exchange On-Premises integration, you must activate the plugin and identify the appropriate Exchange and MID servers.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_si_admin

About this task

This procedure can be used to activate the Security Operations Microsoft Exchange Integration plugin and configure the integration. You can also activate the plugin using the traditional method. If you activate the plugin using the traditional method, the Microsoft Exchange On-Premises integration recognizes the installation and the integration card displays the New button. Proceed to step 5.


  1. Navigate to Security Operations > Integrations > Integration Configuration.
    The available security integrations appear as a series of cards.
    Microsoft Exchange On-Premises integration
  2. In the Microsoft Exchange On-Premises card, click Install Plugin.
  3. In the Install Microsoft Exchange On-Premises Integration dialog box, review the plugin details and click Activate.
  4. When the activation is complete, click Close & Reload Form.
    The Security Integration screen reloads and the New button for the integration is available.
  5. Click New.
    Microsoft Exchange On-Premises Configuration
  6. Fill in the fields, as needed.
    Field Description
    Name The name of this configuration.
    Delete Recovery Select this option to remove the ability to recover deleted emails in Exchange.
    Exchange Server Specify the Exchange server to be used.
    MID Server Select Any to use any active MID Server, or select a specific MID Server name.
    Note: Configuring this integration activates workflows. To manage the workflows, navigate to the Workflow Editor.
  7. Click Submit.
    The integration configuration card displays.
  8. When viewing the new configuration card, you can click Configure or Delete to change or delete the configuration, respectively.
  9. To return to the original list of integration configuration cards, select No from the Show Configurations drop-down list.