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UI release notes

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UI release notes

ServiceNow® platform UI enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

Kingston upgrade information

  • UI11 is no longer available. Use UI15 or UI16 instead.
  • Pop-up forms are no longer available.

Changed in this release

  • Activity stream:
    • View the number of activity stream entries at the top of the activity stream.
    • View the type of activity stream entry as well as the time stamp in the top corner of each entry.
  • Response time indicator: View more details for the response time indicator using the expand option.
  • Reference icon preview: Clicking a reference icon (Information icon that appears next to an item in a list) shows a preview with the option to open the record, regardless of whether you are viewing a form or a list in List v2 or List v3. This functionality provides greater consistency across the platform, as well as making the preview accessible to all users, including tablet users. There is no way to switch back to the previous functionality.

Removed in this release

  • UI11: UI11 has been deprecated and removed from this release.
  • Pop-up forms: Forms that open from a list into an editable pop-up window are not compliant with our accessibility standards and have therefore been deprecated.

Activation information

UI16 is the default user interface for new instances. For upgraded instances, if you have the admin role, activate the UI16 plugin (com.glide.ui.ui16).