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System clone release notes

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System clone release notes

ServiceNow® system clone product enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

The system clone application allows users with the clone_admin or admin role to clone data from one instance to another.This functionality is primarily used to clone a production instance over an existing sub-production instance before developing or testing changes. All clones are performed using the most recent nightly backup.

New in the Kingston release

Exclude tables specified in Exclusion List
Prevent cloning records from the source instance specified in the System Clone > Exclude Tables module. Use this option to create empty but usable tables on the target instance. By default, the system excludes tables for auditing, license usage, logging, and notifications.
Clone Scheduled Start Time
Verify the system clone scheduled start time and suggest an available date-time value. Validation prevents multiple clones from occurring on the same target instance concurrently.

Activation information

Now Platform feature – active by default.

Additional requirements

The system clone application applies to instances in Gen2 and later datacenters.