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State Management release notes

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State Management release notes

ServiceNow® State Management is a new Now Platform application in the Kingston release.

As an administrator, use the State Management application to define the state transitions that are permitted in the state model for a specific type of task and to simplify the process of implementing prescriptive state models that force adherence to a process. An example of a state transition is when the State field in a facilities request is moved from the Assigned state to the Work In Progress state.
Note: State Management is a new platform application that does not replace the existing state models, such as for incidents. Use it to create prescriptive state transitions for any table, such as the Incident [incident] table, that extends the base task table.

State Management features

State Management
A state model is a list of states that describe an expected record workflow through the lifecycle of the record.

In the State Model [sys_state_model] table, define the name of the state model and which task table the state model is applied to. Use the condition builder to specify any conditions for applying the state model to records and any required condition for moving between states.

State transitions are a list of conditions for entering or exiting each state defined for a table. In the State Transitions [sys_state_transitions] table, use the condition builder to build a list of conditions required for entering or exiting each state.

State transitions control the choice list for the State field on the target task table and prevent you from choosing any state value that does not adhere to the underlying process or does not meet the defined conditions for the transition.

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