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Service Portal release notes

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Service Portal release notes

ServiceNow® Service Portal product enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

Service Portal is a portal framework that helps you build a mobile-friendly self-service experience.

Kingston upgrade information

  • Announcements are active on new instances. To activate announcements after upgrade, activate the Service Portal Announcements plugin (com.glide.service-portal.announcements).
  • The Font Awesome library has been upgraded to version 4.7 and includes new icon names and syntax changes. If your Service Portal implementation includes custom use of the Font Awesome library, you may need to update icon names in your custom widgets. For more information, see the Font Awesome GitHub upgrade guide.

New in the Kingston release

Redirect a reference to a page ID
Multiple widgets in the Service Portal may link to a single page using a hard-coded page ID. To replace the page, all widgets that reference the page must be updated with the new page ID. Instead of cloning and updating each widget with the new page ID, create a single record that automatically redirects all references to the original page to point to the new page. This way, you can replace a page without locating and replacing all references to the page ID.
Add SEO information to Service Portal pages
Improve the searchability of Service Portal pages by adding meta tags and descriptive, dynamic titles. A Service Portal page may load static or dynamic content. Add Search Engine Optimization (SEO) information to both static and dynamic pages by:
  • Associating public pages with meta tags to optimize search from external search engines.
  • Using record data loaded in a page to dynamically generate descriptive page titles.
Create Service Portal announcements
Use announcements to broadcast messages to Service Portal users. Announcements can be displayed in an announcement banner or an announcement widget instance.

Announcements are active on new instances. To activate announcements after upgrade, activate the Service Portal Announcements (com.glide.service-portal.announcements) plugin.

Changed in this release

  • Attachment size: The Service Portal honors the value of the com.glide.attachment.max_size system property. This property sets the maximum file attachment size in megabytes. If no value is defined, the maximum attachment size in the Service Portal is 24 megabytes.
  • E-signature and approvals: E-signature is enabled for approvals in Service Portal.
  • Login widget: The login widget instance options have been updated so that the Show Panel check box works as expected. If you have cleared the check box, you no longer see the panel behind the login widget, even if previously visible. The login widget also includes a new instance option.
  • Widget instance options: Widget instance options are grouped into Data, Presentation, and Behavior. New instance options that have not been associated with a group are automatically grouped as Other options. In addition, instance options display tooltips when a field has help text.
  • Unsaved record warning: You receive a warning when you navigate away from a form or list in which you have made changes.
  • TinyMCE HTML editor: The TinyMCE HTML editor in the Service Portal includes the ability to create links and directly paste images.
  • Change password widget: The new change password widget allows you to change your passwords.

Activation information

  • Service Portal is active by default on new instances. For upgraded instances, activate the Service Portal for Enterprise Service Management plugin (com.glide.service-portal.esm) if you have the admin role. Activating the Service Portal plugin does not affect any existing Content Management System (CMS) configuration. For more information, see CMS and Service Portal.

Browser requirements

If you're using Internet Explorer 11, ensure that Protected Mode is disabled.