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Notifications upgrade information

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Notifications upgrade information

Notifications upgrade information for the Kingston release.

Randomized watermark support

After you upgrade to Kingston from a pre-Jakarta release, you can activate the Random Watermark Support ( plugin, introduced in Jakarta. This plugin enables randomized watermark generation for email notifications. The system generates all new outbound emails with the randomized watermark.

However, your instance may still need to process older inbound emails containing non-randomized watermarks sent before the Random Watermark Support plugin was activated. With the plugin, the system recognizes both randomized and non-randomized watermarks in inbound emails.

Random Watermark Support adds the following properties for controlling watermark generation:
  • — Generates randomized watermarks only. This property is set to true when the plugin is activated. For non-randomized watermark generation, set this property to false.
  • — Determines the type of watermark generation in effect and processes watermarks accordingly. This property is set to false when the plugin is activated, so the system recognizes randomized and non-randomized watermarks.

To activate the plugin, navigate to System Definition > Plugins, and select Random Watermark Support.

Before activating randomized watermark support

  • Determine a watermark transition period during which the system must recognize both randomized and non-randomized watermarks. This transition period is the time needed for the system to process all outbound email replies containing non-randomized watermarks.
  • Review the following items to determine if they parse watermarks and must be updated to handle randomized watermarks:
    • Inbound email actions
    • Business rules
    • Mail scripts or script includes

    For example, if you have a mail script that uses non-randomized watermarks, consider revising the script so that it can handle the longer randomized watermark format, such as: MSG3846157_ aLJc130zDhCVuh3spXmt.

After the watermark transition period ends

When outbound emails no longer contain non-randomized watermarks, change the watermark parsing behavior to recognize randomized watermarks. Set the property to true so that the system recognizes randomized watermarks only.