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Notifications release notes

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Notifications release notes

ServiceNow® platform notifications enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

Notifications is a platform feature that includes email and SMS messages, push messages, and the Email API.

Kingston upgrade information

If you are upgrading from a pre-Jakarta release and want to enable randomized watermarks in email notifications for upgraded instances, activate the Random Watermark Support plugin ( This plugin includes system properties for managing a watermark transition period, during which the system recognizes both randomized watermarks and non-randomized watermarks in emails created before upgrading. For details, see Notifications upgrade information.

New in the Kingston release

Email digests
Enable an email digest, a single email that summarizes the activity for a notification during a digest (time) interval that you specify. By enabling an email digest for a selected notification, you can reduce the number of emails received when associated records are frequently updated during a short time period. Admins create the email digest format for a notification and control the digest intervals that users can choose when enabling a digest in their notification preferences.
Hanging up on a Notify conference call
Hang up on a Notify conference call by pressing the * (star) button.
Improved bulk SMS performance
Notify provides improved performance for bulk SMS text message delivery.

Changed in this release

  • Enhancements to notifications
    • Notification form: Added the Allow digest field. If selected, this field opens the What Digest will contain tab for creating the email digest content for the notification.
    • User notification preferences: Added the Email Digest switch, which is displayed in the preferences for notifications that have an available email digest. When you apply or edit conditions for a notification, use this switch to enable the digest. Choose a digest interval that identifies the length of time that notifications are accumulated for the digest.
  • Email diagnostics: Updated the Email and Connection page, which provides rollover status on the diagnostic fields. A green check mark indicates that the item is operational or healthy, while the X icon indicates that the item is not operational or within the expected range.
  • Access to Notify conference call tables: The notify_view role provides read-only access to the Notify Conference Calls [notify_conference_call] table and the Notify Conference Call Participants [notify_participant] table. The itil role inherits the notify_view role when the Incident Alert Management and the Notify plugins are activated.
  • Notify conference call user identification: The Notify Conference Call Participants [notify_participant] table includes a reference to the sys_user table. The User column identifies the user associated with the phone number in the Number column.

Activation information

Platform feature – active by default.

Browser requirements

If you are using the Internet Explorer browser, you must use version 11 or later to use the email digest feature, which involves user notification preferences in the System Settings window. You can also use any of the other supported web browsers .