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Flow Designer release notes

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Flow Designer release notes

ServiceNow® Flow Designer is a new Now Platform feature in the Kingston release.

Enable process owners to use natural language to automate approvals, tasks, notifications, and record operations without having to code. Use a single design environment to author flows and actions and manage flow executions.

Lower the barrier for automation and accelerate development by creating an ecosystem of reusable content available to any flow. Reduce upgrade times and technical debt by replacing customized business logic with native Now Platform actions.

Flow Designer features

Automate processes with a sequence of reusable actions such as manage records, ask for approvals, create tasks, and send notifications. Define trigger conditions to start a flow and variables to pass information between actions.
Automate a task with a sequence of related steps such as lookup a record, create a record, and log details about the record creation. Actions separate complexity from the Flow Designer environment, enabling flow designers to add actions to multiple flows with minimal configuration.
Flow execution details
View runtime information about a flow directly from the design environment such as the current state, actions run, and values produced. Open related records from embedded Now Platform editors or in a new tab.
Add application-specific content to Flow Designer by installing spokes.

See Flow Designer for more information.

Activation information

Now Platform feature – active by default.