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Configuration Management Database (CMDB) release notes

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Configuration Management Database (CMDB) release notes

ServiceNow® Configuration Management Database (CMDB) product enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

With the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) application, you can build logical representations of assets, services, and the relationships between them that comprise the infrastructure of your organization. Details about these components are stored in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) which you can use to monitor the infrastructure, helping ensure integrity, stability, and continuous service operation.

New in the Kingston release

CMDB Software Development Kit (SDK)
The CMDB SDK provides a set of Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable third-party applications to use the identification and reconciliation engine to create, read, and update configuration item (CI) records. Thus, eliminating duplicate CIs and improving overall CMDB data quality.

Changed in this release

  • CI Class Manager: CI Class Manager delivers a new workflow and an intuitive user interface for creating CI classes, and updating identification and reconciliation rules. The new capability is intended to significantly improve the overall user experience and enhance user productivity. You can use the CI Class Manager to:
    • Create a new class (extend an existing class table), or update definitions of an existing class. An intuitive task flow lets you:
      • Provide basic class information.
      • Select the class attributes for creating identification rules.
      • Define hosting or containment rules to identify a dependent class.
      • Define reconciliation rules.
    • Display CI relationships for a specific class, as a diagram. You can separate containment and hosting relationships from other relationships in the diagram, and you can filter the relationships by inbound or outbound connections, and by specific relationship types.
    • Access and configure CMDB Health-related settings.
    • List all CIs for a class, and drill-down into each CI for further details and actions.
  • CMDB Query Builder:
    • Query results use the standard platform list view, which lets you sort or group results and create reports.
    • Query results use the standard platform Export function, which provides the full range of export format files.
    • You can load all query results, displaying up to 10,000 results.
  • Renamed components:
  • The following 25 tables are added, increasing the total number of CMDB tables to 689.
    Class Label Class Name
    ServiceNow Application cmdb_ci_appl_now_app
    ServiceNow Application Component cmdb_ci_appl_now_app_comp
    Tibco Adapter cmdb_ci_appl_tibco_adapter
    AWS Account cmdb_ci_aws_account
    Azure Subscription cmdb_ci_azure_subscription
    Business Application cmdb_ci_business_app
    Business Capability cmdb_ci_business_capability
    Cloud Monitor Alarm cmdb_ci_cloud_monitor_alarm
    Cloud Monitor Notification cmdb_ci_cloud_monitor_notification
    Cloud Topic cmdb_ci_cloud_topic
    Cloud DB Instance Inclusion cmdb_ci_endpoint_cloud_db_instance
    Manual Endpoint cmdb_ci_endpoint_manual
    epic agent cmdb_ci_epic_agent
    IBM zOS server cmdb_ci_ibm_zos_server
    Interconnect Instance cmdb_ci_interconnect_instance
    Manual CI Endpoint Qualifier cmdb_ci_qualifier_manual_ci_endpoint
    Dynamic Scaling Policy cmdb_ci_sa_dynamic_policy
    Server Array Launch Configuration cmdb_ci_sa_launch_config
    Scaling Policy cmdb_ci_sa_scaling_pol_base
    Virtual Server Array cmdb_ci_sa_server_array
    Simple Scaling Policy cmdb_ci_sa_simple_policy
    Storage Cluster cmdb_ci_storage_cluster
    Storage Cluster Node cmdb_ci_storage_cluster_node
    Storage Node Element cmdb_ci_storage_node_element
    Cisco UCS Rack Mount Unit cmdb_ci_ucs_rack_unit

Activation information

Now Platform feature — active by default.